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Since 1961, our pumps are the heart of hundreds of thousands of machine tools.

In our website, constantly updated, you will find the widest range of pumps for machine tools in Italy; hundreds of models with capacities up to 2000 l / min and pressures up to 100 bar.

The majority is in stock or available within a few days, even in special versions for different applications:

    ◊ machines for glass processing and for the optical industry
    ◊ for air handling units
    ◊ submersible pumps for drainage and sewerage
    ◊ for nautical use
    ◊ for civil and agricultural
    ◊ equipment coalescing
    ◊ filtration units
    ◊ pressure washers
    ◊ heat exchangers.

It's possible to equip each pump of a kit of accessories (valves, filters, fittings) to meet all your needs.

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